Primary Years


EtonHouse International School - Primary School

Challenging students to fulfil their true potential

Delivered over the past two decades, the EtonHouse Primary Programme is a trusted programme in international education. Our success lies in a curriculum that delivers the disciplines in an authentic and relevant context for young learners. Children are exposed to innovative and diverse experiences that hone their social, communication, self-management, research and critical thinking skills. By adopting an inquiry-based approach, we support students to develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills and knowledge. develop particular attitudes, and learn to take socially responsible actions.

An outstanding IB foundation for your child 

EtonHouse Broadrick and Thomson are accredited IB World Schools for the International Baccalaureate ‘Primary Years Programme’ (IBPYP).


There is a distinctively warm community feel that is unique to each EtonHouse school. Every teacher knows every student. This translates into an environment where your children feel valued in the classroom and also within the school community. Learning is differentiated to cater to the unique interests, abilities and learning styles of each student. Your children are encouraged to become independent and self-motivated learners in an environment that is safe, inviting and challenging at the same time.

Strong language foundation

As one of the first international schools to offer bilingual programmes, it’s little wonder that our language lessons – Chinese, Hindi, Japanese and English as an Additional Language – are our strength. These provide a rich context for language learning as well as exploration of cultures through the lenses of the language, and provide our children a wonderful opportunity to develop a sense of international mindedness.

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