Liya Liao


Liya Liao joined EtonHouse International School in July 2010 as Senior Administrator. Liya holds a Bachelor of English Language from Zhe Jiang Normal University, China and a Master of Business Administration from James Cook University in Australia. In her various positions as Homeroom teacher, Assistant Principal, Human Resource Manager and General Manager, she has worked in different local and international schools.

Liya’s past positions were very comprehensive, as they required her to fully manage the overall administration of the school/department with all related duties. Her responsibilities provided her the platform to work effectively and efficiently. She interacts well with all levels. She is independent, meticulous and has an eye for details. A fast learner, proactive, well-organized and able to work under pressure, she is well-versed in administrative duties. She wishes to bring her engaging personality and working experience to EtonHouse to add to the diversity of the EtonHouse community.

This page was last edited on February 27, 2017