ARTopia 2014

15 Oct


Singapore – On the evening of 10th October 2014, the entire community of EtonHouse Pre-School at 223 Mountbatten Road came together for ARTopia 2014 � the school’s annual art and charity event. The exhibition showcased an outstanding and inspiring display of children’s work and their learning processes, and was an opportunity to reflect on the children’s learning journey while celebrating their creativity and resourcefulness. Supported and guided by educators, the children expressed themselves confidently through a myriad of “languages” including construction, paint, clay, wire and other open ended materials. The beautiful pieces of art were auctioned to raise funds for the Singapore Children’s Society, while guests and families enjoyed home-baked cupcakes and cookies contributed by parents, with proceeds from the café channeled to the charity drive. First conceptualised and organised in 2007, ARTopia has since become an annual tradition highly anticipated by the children, teachers and families of the pre-school.

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