EtonHouse Broadrick champions at Singapore 4th International Chinese Competition

14 May


EtonHouse International School Broadrick clinched the top prize at the 4th Singapore Chinese Language competition organized by HSK Centre (Crestar) held on 9 May 2015. This is the second consecutive year the school has emerged champions in this prestigious competition, a remarkable achievement that reflects the strong Mandarin foundation that we have developed in our students.

This competition consists of two rounds. Our students breezed through the preliminary round which had their writing skills tested by the organizing committee. At the finale held at River Valley High School, they put up a Chinese Opera performance and a specially choreographed dance reflecting A Hundred Family Surnames (bai jia xing), receiving glowing praise from the judges and audience.

Participating in the competition has been an invaluable learning experience for the students and teachers, and would not have been possible without the strong support from the staff members and parents of the EtonHouse Broadrick community. The EtonHouse Broadrick Mandarin Department would like to extend their sincere appreciation to all who have been involved in one way or another.

EtonHouse Broadrick Mandarin Department

 12 May 2015








Students participating in the dance : A hundred Family Surnames are:

1) IYENGAR Maya (Y3 Chameleons),

2) EVANS Cassie (Y3 Chameleons),

3) JHINGON Trisha (Y3 Chameleons),

4) DUTTA Shatavisha (Y3 Chameleons),

5) BLOWERS Alice (Y3 Alligators),

6) McCOY Maia (Y3 Geckos),

7) FINKELSTEIN Leah (Y3 Geckos),

8) DECAMPS Jeanne (Y3 Geckos),

9) STRYDOM Monique (Y3 Geckos),

10) BERTHOLON Athena (Y3 Geckos),

11) SRINIVASAN Soha (Y3 Iguanas),

12) RAKOWSKI Layla (Y2 Flamingos),

13) RODRIGUES PINEDO Catarina (Y2 Flamingos),

14) RIBEIRO RODRIGUES Carlota (Y2 Flamingos)

15) Avadhoot PITAMBARE Charvi (Y2 Kingfishers)

Chinese Opera singing students are :

1) JASCHIK Linda Andrea (Y4 Pandas),

2) GUIBERT Kara (Y4 Pandas),

3) CAMPBELL-BROWN Max (Y4 Pandas),

4) KING Annabelle (Y5 Swordfish)


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