EtonHouse Thomson K2 PYP Exhibition

22 Apr


On 21 April 2016, EtonHouse International School Thomson celebrated our K2 children’s learning journey with our PYP Exhibition “Old Times Life”. This Exhibition is an opportunity for children to demonstrate independence and ownership of their learning. It is the result of collaborative and in-depth inquiries into the Central Ideas – ‘Through discovery and invention, people learn about the world’ and ‘People need to plan, organise and work together to achieve a common goal’. The children had opportunities to engage in multiple perspectives and express themselves through a range of symbolic languages.

We feel lucky that the K2 children at Thomson have the opportunity to create an exhibition that demonstrates their learning through the IB PYP at such an early age. In EtonHouse, we believe in having high expectations of the children because we know that they are capable individuals. The two days have been very busy for the children as they took around many visitors to our school. Our visitors were impressed with the thinking and learning that were documented in the exhibition, as it allowed them to see what young children are capable of.  We are not only glad that the exhibition was a huge success, but we are also extremely proud that the children went through such a learning process. So many visitors commented on how confident and knowledgeable the children were. We want to congratulate them on such a successful

By Jodie Matthews, principal of EtonHouse International School Thomson 

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