Launch of Hwa Chong Etonhouse Institution

31 Oct



Singapore Chinese High School and EtonHouse Group form partnership to launch Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution

30 October 2014, Singapore – The Singapore Chinese High School and EtonHouse International Education Group are pleased to announce a collaboration to launch “Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution” in Singapore, catering to students from kindergarten to primary levels.



This joint venture will leverage the strengths and expertise of both founding schools and further reinforce both parties’ leadership positions in education, putting Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution in a position to deliver a high quality, bilingual, bicultural, international baccalaureate (IB) education to students across different countries. This reflects both parties’ commitment to improve and enhance regional and global access to quality bilingual education and to provide the international student community with an increasing breadth of educational programmes.

Chinese High School, a company limited by guarantees has a distinguished history of 96 years. It has two secondary schools under its wing, Hwa Chong Institution and Hwa Chong International School. Both schools, which have a strong focus and established track record in developing bilingual and bicultural curriculum, are regarded as the top performing schools in Singapore with an outstanding and prominent alumni, having nurtured leaders of society in research, industry and government sectors.

Since establishing its first campus in 1995 in Singapore, the EtonHouse Group has successfully expanded its presence locally and internationally based on its commitment to quality and best practice. The EtonHouse Group now runs more than 90 schools in 10 different countries which range from pre-schools to K-12 international schools. EtonHouse schools follow an international curriculum. In the early years, a child-responsive inquiry based “Inquire-Think-Learn” curriculum inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach is followed. In the primary and middle years, EtonHouse follows the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme. Over the past 19 years, EtonHouse has had outstanding graduates in many different countries who have excelled in their domains. The EtonHouse schools have established a successful track record on an international level and have meaningfully integrated with the local environments of their host countries.

The collaborative parties said: “We are delighted to see the fruition of this joint venture with EtonHouse. We view this partnership in education as a symbiotic collaboration to establish an integrated bilingual and bicultural international baccalaureate chain of schools at the pre-school and primary levels leveraging on the respective solid brand equities and reputations of Hwa Chong and EtonHouse. We are heartened to see the establishment of this joint venture after working on the formation and being actively involved in the discussions, deliberations and legal work to set up this new school. Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution will mark a new milestone in the development of Hwa Chong and EtonHouse’s contributions to the education industry in Singapore.”


Elaborating on this initiative, Mrs. Ng Gim Choo, Founder and Group Managing Director of EtonHouse said “We are deeply privileged and honoured to partner with Hwa Chong, a distinguished educational institution which is an outstanding time-honoured education icon in Singapore. This collaboration is a momentous milestone for both homegrown Singapore brands to deliver a unique international educational approach with a strong bilingual and bicultural focus to students on a global scale. I am confident that the Hwa Chong EtonHouse Institution will establish new standards of excellence in international education.”

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2014年10月30日,新加坡 — 新加坡华侨中学与伊顿国际教育集团宣布,将在新加坡合作创办“华中伊顿学校”,满足孩子们从学前到小学的教育需求。

这次战略伙伴关系将利用各自的优势和专业知识,进一步增强双方在教育领域的领导地位,让华中伊顿学校为全世界各国的学生提供高质量、双语及双文化的国际文凭教育。这反映了双方的承诺 — 致力于提高和增强,以达到全球范围内高素质的双语、双文化教育的目标,并为国际化学生社区提供更加宽广教育的另一个选择。

新加坡华侨中学担保有限公司,历史悠久。其属下的两所中学校, 华侨中学和华中国际学校,一向著重双语、双文化教育,是新加坡的顶尖学府,培养了众多在学术、工商界和政府等领域的杰出的领袖人才。




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