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Should you require school bus provision for your child, please download and complete the EtonHouse Thomson School Bus Form. The Bus Request Form, including the Waiver and Terms & Conditions, must be signed and emailed to the Parent Liaison Office at [email protected]

An advance two-weeks notice, before the commencement of bus service, is required for the school bus request.

  • The bus service is provided by a 3rd party bus operator, Yee Giok Transport Service.
  • The bus fees quoted below are per term. There are 4 terms per academic year.
  • The areas stated above are subject to changes.
  • Please check with the bus operator if the area you are residing in is not listed above.
  • Prices quoted do not include any taxes and ERP charges and these will be charged accordingly.
  • Bus traveling time for Zones 1 to 5 may take up to 45 minutes each way, depending on location.
  • Traveling time might change from time to time due to changes in composition of the group of children on the school bus and/or changes in bus routes.
  • For any queries, please get in touch with Mr.Richard Seng, 9894 0222 or email [email protected]
ZONE 1Toa Payoh area
ZONE 2Novena area
ZONE 3Ardmore area
ZONE 4Cairnhill area before ERP
ZONE 5Grange Road area
ZONE 6For all other areas
ZONE 1$600$480
ZONE 2$650$520
ZONE 3$700$560
ZONE 4$730$584
ZONE 5$760$608
ZONE 6Kindly check with Richard Seng for verification

*Fees per term

TERM 114​ ​August​ ​2017​ ​–​ ​05​ ​October​ ​2017
TERM 216​ ​October​ ​2017​ ​–​ ​13​ ​December​ ​2017
TERM 308​ ​January​ ​2018​ ​–​ ​23​ ​March​ ​2018
TERM 409​ ​April​ ​2018​ ​–​ ​13​ ​June​ ​2018

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