Vision & Mission


EtonHouse Vision

  • Shaping the future through education

EtonHouse Mission

  • Developing confident and capable global citizens

Our Philosophy

EtonHouse has developed its philosophy (Service Quality Targets) based on research and internationally accredited best practice in education that supports a child focused learning and teaching environment.

At EtonHouse, we believe every child should acquire social skills and the confidence to communicate freely and easily with both adults and peers.

At EtonHouse, we focus to develop each child into a well-balanced individual through engaging environments that support children’s curiosity and wonder; that engage children and that offer them a wide range of materials to work in purposefully designed learning areas.

Staff –To-Child Ratio
At EtonHouse, we are proud to have excellent staff- to-child ratio is a vital factor in the success of our programmes.

Multi-Dimensional Programme
At EtonHouse. we aim to offer children a multi-dimensional programme with many diverse and spontaneous learning opportunities.

At EtonHouse, we strive to established and provide a happy, relaxed and safe environment that contributes to the development of the whole person. We provide an environment in which children grow in independence and take responsibility for their own learning.

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This page was last edited on April 9, 2018